Touch Light – 7″


  • Stylish, Modern, Functional and Affordable.
  • This item can be used as a Night Light / Table Lamp / Freshener / Warmer / Bedside Lamp.
  • Four levels of touch sensor variable lighting options to choose from (low light/mid light/brightest/off).
  • An optional scented oil/wax glass container that can be used to create your desired atmosphere. This is not a humidifier.
  • Works well with these Soy Wax Melts from The Dusty Sparrow
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Assorted Colours and Designs

Operating Instruction:

Connect the adapter input port to electrical plug.
Place on the flat surface and touch the aluminum part of the base on the product to adjust the lighting intensity. Occasionally the buildup of electric static might trigger the sensor to turn on/off by itself. It’s normal based on the weather and humidity. Just unplug it to reset build up static.
Do not hold on any part of the aluminum surface while trying to change the lighting intensity. You have to release your hand and place them on the table, flat surface area, before you can make any changes. For any painted unit (Black/White), it will be less sensitive compare to the silver unit.

Please remove any liquid content from the glass container before you move the lamp. The liquid might drip down inside the light fixture and caused dangerous operation.


Ballerina – Coloured, Wolf – Black, Dragonfly – Silver, Owl – Silver, Hummingbird – White, Wild Horses

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