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Italian Ice Cream!

 Camille's is now serving premium quality gelato and sorbetto from Mario's Gelati in Vancouver, BC. When you're looking for a sweet treat while out for a stroll in Ladner Village, these are available in single serving mini cups or sorbetto Calipops.


Gelato Mini Cups

Mario's Gelato Artigianale is traditional, premium quality gelato providing a creamy, dense, flavour intense experience. Low fat, with natural ingredients and less butterfat makes this the number one choice for any gelato connoisseur. All gelato products are made with fluid BC milk and sorbettos are made with real fruit.  

Available in Mini Cups with a spoon - 125ml in 4 flavours - Vanilla Bean, Salted Caramel, Pink & Blue Bubble Gum, and Hedgehog.

marios gelati mini cups

Sorbetto Calipops

Mario's Gelato Sorbetto is made from natural ingredients sourced from around the world. The traditional sorbetto serves a refreshing flavour packed, non-dairy, no fat, vegan-friendly option. Perfect for fruit lovers, vegans & vegetarians. Kids have grown up indulging in these fruit packed, sorbetto filled Calipops. The perfect guilt free teat for all ages.

Available in Calipops - Natural fruit juices frozen in a tube - 125ml in 3 flavours - Mango, Raspberry and Lemon.

Also Coconut Gelato w Mango Bliss Bars!

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