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Camille's Boutique & Gallery loves to fill our walls with local artists' paintings and photography. Come check out the creativity and imagination from these professional artists.

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Featuring local Delta artists

Michael Abraham
Susie Gilmour
Victoria Heryet
LInda Jones
Shirley Maurice
Radina Photography
Kathy Swift

Born in Montreal (1965), Michael Abraham began his studies in life drawing and compositional painting at the Ontario College of Art (1984-88).  In his fourth year of OCA he was awarded the top figure drawing award.  He was teacher’s assistant during a year of postgraduate education in Florence, Italy (1990-91). At that time his studio was located in Piazza San Marco, in Florence, with a wealth of art and history to study and enjoy!  Abraham has been painting full time since 1992.  He travels to see art often, including two months spent in New York in the fall of 2005.

Other than the odd crisis of mind, he enjoys music, food, fitness, piano playing, weekly figure drawing, nature and a happy family life. He currently lives and creates in Ladner, British Columbia.


Art is a reflection of life... all things at once, and ever changing.  Each creation is a snapshot of the mind in time.
— Michael Abraham


A native of Scotland, Susie Gilmour now lives on a float home on the beautiful Fraser River in Ladner, BC. Not a day goes by without her thanking the river for its tranquility, inspiration and magical sunsets.

With a career in theatre arts she has recently renewed her passion for painting and is currently working with fluid art.

Mostly my substrates are gallery wrap canvas however I am loving experimentation on glass, mirrors, wood and even sheet rock.


The experimentational aspect is like stepping into my studio as a mad scientist and trying to herd a flock of seagulls!
— Susie Gilmour


Victoria is interested in all things creative. Her art practice includes regular  figure drawing sessions. She has created collages of the hundreds of drawings she has amassed from these sessions. In addition, she paints faces of people living on the street.

Victoria owns and operates Vancouver Chalk Works – a Vancouver company specializing in creative chalkboards for businesses and events. In this capacity she is able to share her creative lettering skills on a daily basis.

Victoria works from her quirky and blissful little studio in Ladner, BC.


Sometimes the work is extremely detailed and time-consuming, but loads of fun!
— Victoria Heryet


Linda Jones is an award winning Canadian artist based in Ladner, BC. Linda is self-taught and has over 30 years of professional experience working in oils, cold wax medium and acrylics. Her work can be found in private collections and public spaces around the world. For more than 25 years, Linda has been delighted to share her passion and expertise with students young and old as a teacher and mentor. Former students frequently stop in for a visit and a mug of her famous hot chocolate or a cuppa tea.


As far back as I can remember, all I wanted to be was a Wife, Mother and an Artist. I feel so fortunate to be living my dream."
— Linda Jones

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Shirley Maurice works in encaustics.… what is it?

Encaustics is an amazingly versatile and durable artists’ paint that has been in use for centuries. Encaustic Painting involves using heated beeswax medium to which colour pigments have been added.

Its application goes for beyond as it can be used to paint, it can be incised, collaged, carved, scraped, glazed, rubbed and is perfect for mark making. There are unlimited ways to create images and diverse surfaces. The allure of the results is captivating - simple and complex at the same time. The possibilities are truly endless.


I love encaustic art. Encaustic art is painting with a beeswax medium, as well as coloured beeswax for painting.
— Shirley Maurice


I created this service as a way to help others celebrate the memories of their lost loved ones. After losing my own dog, I found comfort in having one of my favourite photographs of her up on the wall, and was compelled to share this with others going through the same thing I am. I knew it had to be special. I took the idea from my fine art photography approach of mounting and sealing the photograph with bees wax and damar resin for longevity, with the added benefit of the unique, one of a kind beauty of the encaustic finish, and arrived at the final idea for Memory Encaustic.


Celebrate life: turn the symbols of love and strength in your life into beautiful wall art.
— Radina Photography


Kathy works primarily in water-based mediums with a focus on exploring various aspects of colour and shape.  Working with a limited palette allows Kathy to explore deeply the language of shape. Having been involved in organizing and participating in numerous workshops with various Canadian and American Artists during this time, Kathy has developed her own unique language from her experiences.

Working from her studio in Tsawwassen, British Columbia, Kathy has exhibited in numerous private and group shows in the Lower Mainland since 1988.  Her work is included in private collections across Canada, the United States, and abroad.

Kathy Swift's work is also featured in the Boutique Wearable Art.


There is a place I know of, with circumstances unforeseen, where all the hues together get smashed to smithereen.
— Kathy Swift

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